Cécile PLANCHAIS was born in 1959, she lives and works in Paris. Admitted to the ENSBA (National School of Fine Arts in Paris) in 1984, she practiced sculpture with various artists including René Coutelle. Turning to Design in 1988, she followed a 3rd cycle in furniture design, taught at the ENSCI (National School of Industrial Creation) and a Urban Design training at LA DOMUS ACADEMY in Milan. She punctually teaches Design at the ENBA in Mulhouse and at the École Supérieure Des Sciences et Technologies du design in Tunis in 2012.


Her work is rewarded by the APCI, VIA, Design For all, Janus de IFD, IF Awards, Eco Bois Bourgogne… labels or with prizes following her achievements in Urban Design at Fort Mahon Plage, Boulogne Billancourt, Paris, and in Luxembourg. She won international tenders for the design of furniture lines for the RATP and the City of Paris and was co-opted as a member of the City of Paris Urban Furniture Commission from 2009 to 2016.


The discovering of her work immediately aroused our desire to collaborate with her. We were more particularly drawned and impressed by her science of folding. The level of rigour in her work, the recognition of her peers in more than thirty countries, as well as the depth of her thinking inspire respect. A pioneer in eco-responsibility, Cécile Planchais has an impeccable vision and ethics. Her luminous thought, which dazzles you from the first words, is an inspiration for any lover of a more committed design. Cécile Planchais is one of those people who raises the level of the debate. In short, we love her!